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The talent judgements for stallions continue here at the WC in St. Radegund.

In the class of 6 year old horses, Sigurur V. Matthasson showed Arnoddur fr Ausholtshjleigu. The presentation was successful and they received a score of 8,
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38 for talent and therefore they have a total score of 8,43 and are in top seat in their class.

In second place is the Swedish horse Dreki fran Lind woth a score of 8.30 and in third place is Bjartur von Hof Osterkamp from Germany with a total score of 8.29.

The presentations of the Danish horses did not go as well as expected. Fengur fra Staagerup received a score of 7.94 for talent which is a long way from the score 8.66 which he received last summer. The same goes for Hektor fra Engholm who loers his score from 8.48 down to 7.49 for talent.

The overview show for stallions will take place next Saturday and then both Feykir,
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Arnoddur and their riders will have an opportunity to raise their scores for talent.